Get the Tips to stop falling asleep behind the wheel


In terms of road safety, there are issues, such as staying awake, which depend more on the driver than on the conditions of the vehicle, the road or the weather. You have to take into account all the factors to travel safely and get to the destination well.

Here are some useful tips to avoid or reduce sleepiness and stay awake while driving.

How to stay awake and lose sleep while driving?

Drowsiness reduces the attention span of the driver, who may fall asleep. To be a danger, it is not necessary that it be a long dream, or sleep like a log. Normally, only a two or three second blow is enough for the car to lose direction.


These are the points you must keep in mind:

Sleep well. It is so obvious that sometimes it is forgotten. Sleep is prevented by sleeping, there is no more. It is advisable to maintain good sleep habits to prevent sleepiness from arriving while driving. To rest well and prepare for a new day on the road usually take between seven and nine hours.

Rest on the road. Long journeys, boredom at the wheel, heat, endless straight tracks. All these factors cause fatigue and cause us to lose attention span. To prevent fatigue from becoming snoring, rest whenever you feel fatigue in every two hours or every two hundred kilometers.

Avoid the bad hours. Driving during the hours when you would normally be sleeping (in general, at night) causes the body to shut down. If possible, avoid taking the car during these hours. At night, the period between 3 and 5 in the morning is especially dangerous.

Avoid heavy meals. After eating, sleep appears, especially if it is heavy and heavy meals. Therefore, if you are going to drive, it is convenient that lunch or dinner be light, fresh and easily digestible. That is, nothing of fabada or half a kid with double dessert, that we leave for when we arrive at the campsite (and without disturbing if it is night).

Rehydrate. It is convenient to drink fresh water frequently, because dehydration causes fatigue very quickly.

Avoid substances that cause drowsiness. Some medications make you sleepy. Not only should heavy machinery not be handled, as the prospects say, but the driver should not take the car if he needs those drugs.

Cool and ventilate the car. Heat and stale air are enemies of the driver. Ideally, keep 20 °C and wear fresh and comfortable clothes. You have to lower the window to renew the indoor air and raise oxygen levels.