Do You Know Is it better to drive at night or day?


Is it better to travel at night or day? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are interested in reading this report in which we clarify some doubts that you may not know.

Today you must ask yourselves the question that many drivers have told this about: Is it easier to drive at night or day? Well, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Surely you’ve ever heard someone say that he prefers to travel at night because there is less traffic.

This is true, but there are other factors that make the probability of having an accident in those hours much higher.

If you divide the number of traffic accidents during the night by the number of trips in those hours, you will obtain a much higher figure than if you do the same operation with the data of the daytime hours. According to this, the best time of day to travel by car is before sunset.

This means that the risk of having an accident on night trips is much higher. The answer to the question of whether it is safer to travel at night or by day is clear: by day, but why does the risk of night travel increase so much?


Visibility is essential to drive

A completely deaf person can drive; also even if we have some physical handicap in the arms or legs, even if we are deaf and dull. However, if we do not have a minimum of visual acuity, we will not be able to drive, even if the rest of our physical abilities are 100%. The reason is that most of the information we need to be able to circulate we receive it through the view. Seeing is essential for driving.

Twilight light: worse than driving at night

There is a strip of the day in which “the stars are allied” to make it even more dangerous to drive: the twilight hours, both at dawn and dusk. In these hours, a high traffic density is combined with bad visibility conditions and, to top it all, they are usually times when our level of attention is minimal, or we are still half-asleep or we return home after a day’s work.

In summary, although the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling at night can be tempting, the truth is that between day driving vs night driving, night driving is more dangerous than doing it during the day. Advice is to always travel in the daylight hours with sunlight and, if there is no choice but to do it during the night or in the twilight, be clear about the risks so that you avoid them as much as possible.