The Pear Designated Drivers

Professional Chauffeur Service

The Pear is Pittsburgh’s friendly personal chauffeur service that drives you, AND your car, to the destination(s) of your choice before safely returning you home.


The Pear is excited to announce that we will exclusively be a Personal Chauffeur Service going forward! We will no longer provide the designated driver “pick up” service.

We’re excited to continue providing the reliable, friendly transportation services to the people of Pittsburgh that you’ve experienced since 2009. Drivers are available to drive you to multiple destinations, over any length of time, before returning you, and your vehicle, home safely.


How Does The Pear Work?

1. You request a date and time for a chauffeur driver.

2. We will send you an email with a fare estimate based on the requested hours and confirmation of the reservation.

3. The day of your reservation, a Pear driver will text you a few hours in advance to introduce himself or herself, and confirm the trip.

4. The driver will meet you at your house and drive you to as many locations as you desire in your own vehicle.

5. The driver will deliver you and your car home safely!

Tell me more

"The Pear is an invaluable service. The service they offer I truly believe is saving lives. Making a reservation is easy and the drivers who pick you up are friendly, courteous and FUN!  Thank you for offering this fabulous service."

Linda B