Battery Charging: How Often Should You Do It

Car batteries are an essential element in the set of components of a vehicle. They are the source of energy for the engine to come alive and the electrical systems and components come into operation.

Aspects such as the battery life of a car depend on factors such as the temperature of the place or the use of the vehicle but, generally, proper maintenance usually helps to extend the life of the battery and its performance in terms of duration and charge.

On what factors does the battery life of a fuel car depend?

The average duration of a car battery is between 3 and 5 years, but it can vary greatly depending on other factors such as the type of driving, the type of route to which the car is accustomed, the use given to the vehicle , the weather and the maintenance that has been given to the battery .

Battery charge

Regarding the loading of cars that run on fuel, there are two alternatives: using the best car battery charger (or failing to take it to the workshop) or simply making kilometers.

In the first case, the clamps must be connected to both poles and left for 24 hours. The batteries are subject to cycles (charging processes) that will take the battery to its optimum charge level. The other option is to go on the road for kilometers, at a minimum – and for an advisable load level – for two hours.


Tips to extend battery life

Beware of extreme temperatures

This is sometimes not possible, but we must try not to park the car for a long time in climates that exceed 30 degrees Celsius or that are below 5 degrees.

Try not to make too short trips

When starting, the battery makes a greater effort. Avoid starting and restarting the car in a short space of time, since the batteries need a few minutes to regenerate that charge and not suffer wear.

Do not connect electrical installations with the engine stopped

Turning on the radio or lighting systems without the engine running will cause the battery to wear out more quickly.


Avoid stopping the car for a long time

If you need to leave your car parked for a long period, you better disconnect the battery (remove the negative terminal).

How long does a car battery last?

The primary thing you must know use to be that the battery use to have a definite lifespan. Maximum you pay attention of it, it will expire at some point.

The standard battery life of a vehicle happens to be almost 4 years. Nevertheless, there are circumstances that can source early wear, like the standard temperature where the car use to get used.